London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore remain the top four financial centers around the globe.

That’s according to the latest survey conducted by the Financial Center Futures team at the London based Z/Yen Group.

London's Canary Wharf
London’s Canary Wharf

The listing, known as the Global Financial Centers Index (GFCI), rates 79 financial centers on a scale of 1 to 1,000, using 23,043 financial center assessments completed by 2,379 financial services professionals.

The GFIC’s top 10 financial centers and their scores are as follows:

  1. LONDON 807
  2. NEW YORK 787
  3. HONG KONG 761
  4. SINGAPORE 759
  5. ZURICH 723
  6. TOKYO 718
  7. GENEVA 712
  8. BOSTON 711
  9. SEOUL 710
  10. FRANKFURT 703

The index, which has been published since 2007, is sponsored by the Qatar Financial Centre Authority.

The report notes that Hong Kong and Singapore are very close, now only two points apart, while the point spread between London in first place and fourth-ranked Singapore is quite large.

In this latest index, Frankfurt and Paris rose to close the gap on London a little. Luxembourg, Vienna, Milan and Rome also showed improvements.

American centers saw their ratings improve, with Boston entering the GFCI top 10.

Source: Global Financial Center Index