What would you do if you had advance knowledge of massive changes coming to your industry? And what if you knew generally what form the changes would take and the likely identity of disruptive new entrants to your sector?

Executive Summary

Capgemini's Kiran Boosam discusses the massive changes P/C insurance executives are facing as the new era of mobility is ushered in and how they can ensure their companies are disrupting the industry, rather than getting disrupted.

That’s the unique predicament facing senior executives at property and casualty insurers.

Consider how autonomous vehicles are changing the nature of risk in the automotive sector, where the hacking of self-driving cars may soon be a bigger threat than distracted or careless motorists. Or how consumers who choose ridesharing more often than their own vehicles will want holistic protections no matter how they get from place to place. The tides are turning from insuring an individual vehicle or driver to protecting the entire travel journey.

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