Ian Gutterman doesn’t think there’s any underserved market of people who need cheap insurance.

Executive Summary

Back when Ian Gutterman worked as an investment analyst, he gained a reputation for being tough on P/C insurance carrier executives. But ultimately, by speaking his mind and shining a light on obvious truths, the investor-turned-entrepreneur was trying to make the industry better—a mission he's pursuing now with the launch of Informed Group.

Informed is an insurance website that reveals the hidden provisions of homeowners insurance policies to consumers, helping them make informed decisions and, perhaps, prompting the industry to deliver better products. Here, he also explains the business model, which ultimately will include an online agency.

“There’s plenty of that available,” says Gutterman, a longtime investor and industry analyst, whose pointed questions during investor conferences kept insurance company executives honest for many years. As an observer of the industry, he has noticed that recent generations of InsurTech startups are focused frequently on “trying to do better versions of the things that have already been done.”

Gutterman is carving out a different path as he makes his first foray into an executive and founder role himself. “There’s an underserved market in giving buyers the information they need to make smart decisions,” he told Carrier Management during a January 2023 interview, explaining the basic premise for the launch of Informed Group in 2021—what the analyst-turned-entrepreneur refers to as an InsurTeach.

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