Every month since the onset of the pandemic, American workers started quitting their jobs. In November 2021, the number of people who quit their current positions just that month topped 4.5 million, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics—the highest number of resignations since the onset of what is now deemed the Great Resignation.

Executive Summary

For the insurance industry, finding—and keeping—talent has become a shifting target. Here, WAHVE CEO Sharon Emek discusses what employees want now, and how employers can give it to them, sharing tips on communication, relationship building and work flexibility.

In the finance and insurance industry, an already tight labor market just tightened some more. In 2021, employees were walking out by the thousands, with 115,000 leaving their jobs in September 2021 alone, according to BLS data.

It is easy to blame the pandemic for the re-evaluation of priorities and the pressure to find more fulfillment. The tougher reason to accept, however, is that company culture can be and is often a large factor in why employees jump ship.

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