Why have nuclear verdicts skyrocketed in the last 10 years? Did the law change? Did Congress pass a sweeping bill in favor of plaintiffs that mandates they must recover tens of millions of dollars in pain and suffering damages? Nope.

Executive Summary

Plaintiff lawyers have discovered they can cause nuclear verdicts by simply asking juries for astronomical amounts of money. What can P/C insurers do? Tyson and Mendes Partner Robert Tyson Jr. suggests that P/C insurers' best defense may be to hire plaintiff lawyers themselves—or at least incentivize defense lawyers with success fees.

Are people suffering significantly more serious injuries? Do people experience more pain or loss and need more money? No. Are there novel lawsuits being filed that are leading to new types of exorbitant damages that didn’t exist before? No—nuclear verdicts are happening in every type of lawsuit across America.

What is causing this wave of nuclear verdicts across America?

The answer is simple: plaintiff lawyers.

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