Today’s technology user groups are booming. Independent agency principals, producers, tech staff and customer service representatives all see value when they join peers in gaining and sharing knowledge.

Executive Summary

Joe Clabaugh, service manager at The Cincinnati Insurance Company, who is also Chairman of the NetVU Executive Board of Directors, urges carrier peers to participate in technology user groups. Here, he dispels four myths about participation, including the idea that there is a conflict of interest that might arise from doing so.

Agents aren’t the only users who benefit from gathering around the virtual water coolers of user groups. Carriers who become involved with groups such as the Network of Vertafore Users (NetVU), Applied Client Network and Agents Council for Technology (ACT) contribute and gain value.

Years ago, NetVU was made up only of agency management system users—meaning independent agencies only. Four years ago, NetVU expanded membership to apply to users of all Vertafore products, which of course extends to carriers. It’s not well known yet, but user groups need and want insurance carrier professionals to join and take an active role.

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