Analyze Re. This Verisk company, founded in 2013, offers software analytics designed to help reinsurers and insurers move faster on pricing and portfolio decisions. “Helping all companies in the reinsurance value chain to become more efficient, improve combined ratios and increase profits using predictive analytics,” is what the firm says it does. The eReinsure technology platform has been around since 1999 developing Internet-based applications for the re/insurance market. It was bought by specialty broker AmWINS Group in 2013. eReinsure enables insurers, reinsurers and brokers to network with their business partners anywhere in the world. This January, it announced it will offer a blockchain service linked to its reinsurance platform. “Distributed ledger capabilities can potentially create a new paradigm for the way information is shared between the parties to reinsurance contracts, so blockchain fits nicely with our efforts to streamline the reinsurance market with cost-effective services,” says Igor Best-Devereux, CEO of eReinsure.

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