Elad Tsur, co-founder and CEO of Planck, (previously known as Planck Re), has had a busy year with an eye on disruption.

Executive Summary

Planck, launched initially in 2016, is hoping to make a huge impact with its artificial intelligence-driven commercial insurance data platform. Here, Planck co-founder and CEO Elad Tsur explains how he sees his startup disrupting the industry and standing out from other InsurTechs that claim to do the same. He also touched on Planck's progress so far, as well as future growth plans.

Planck, based in Israel with offices in New York, launched in 2016 hoping to make a big impact with its commercial insurance data platform. The InsurTech startup disclosed in July 2018 that it pulled in $12 million for its first formal financing. Planck’s artificial intelligence-driven data platform is designed to streamline the commercial underwriting process by letting insurers instantly and accurately underwrite any policy, and Tsur said the company’s concept is catching on.

In an email interview with Carrier Management Editor Mark Hollmer, Tsur disclosed Planck now has a sizable client base with at least a few big names.

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