Are you trying to create a great customer experience in your organization? If you’re focusing on your customers to accomplish that, then you’re already missing half the story.

Executive Summary

While executives have come to understand that happy employees mean satisfied customers, they often miss the other side of the coin. Poor customer experience creates a toxic environment for employees, Watermark Consulting's Jon Picoult explains.

That’s because the quality of a company’s customer experience is inextricably linked to the quality of its employee experience. Over the long term, you can’t deliver a great customer experience unless you have employees who are engaged, inspired and equipped to do so.

For many people, this concept makes intuitive sense. After all, if you’re a customer, a good part of the experience you have with a business will be shaped by the staff with whom you interact. If employees are happy and engaged in their jobs, that sentiment will inevitably bleed into their interactions with customers. The staff will be more positive, more solicitous, more helpful—and customers will notice the difference.

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