Through the ages, industrial revolutions have been the harbingers of great change not just for one industry but very often for the entire civilized world.

Executive Summary

Xceedance's Amit Ranjan highlights what he believes to be the benefits of choosing industry-dedicated service providers for insurance-managed services in an evolving 4IR environment. Rather than seeking expedient suppliers of tactical situations for short-term talent capacity boosts, insurers should engage consultative service partners for business and operational expertise.

When you consider Samuel Slater’s invention of the first water-powered cotton spinning mill in North America in 1793, Nikola Tesla’s development of an alternating current (AC) system for transmitting electricity over long distances in 1887 or the introduction of the first microprocessor by Intel scientists in 1971, it bears noting that sometimes great change starts slowly and without much fanfare.

Did the innovators realize what impact their inventions would have in the long term?

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