Leadership is a funny thing. It works in some instances and does not work in others. Responses from followers surprise well-intentioned leaders. Actions that are supposed to work, according to the books, fail miserably. Others succeed. Millions of books have been written on leadership, but no author has nailed the subject completely.

Executive Summary

A "skill versus will" assessment of each individual on a team performed for a task or group of tasks can help leaders understand when they need to train, coach or just get out of the way, Executive Coach Marsha Egan explains.

Why? I believe that it is because people are different. No one person has the same frame of reference as another. We are each a sum total of our life experiences, education, opinions and upbringing. No two people are alike.

This is why leadership is so darned challenging.

You can have two very similar leadership challenges, apply the same solution, and have it work swimmingly for one and horribly for another. That is because the people involved are different. Each situation is different.

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