Seraina Macia, Hamilton USA’s new CEO, isn’t too worried about industry disrupters. If anything, she admits, Hamilton is seeking its own kind of disruption in the InsurTech space, as it develops end-to-end efficiencies for the insurance value chain.

Executive Summary

"The best roles are the ones you're not fully prepared for yet." That's one of the lessons that Seraina Macia learned over the course of a career in the P/C insurance and reinsurance industry that spans more than two decades. And she continues to learn as she leads a team of innovators at Hamilton USA, embarking on a strategy to use data and analytics to underwrite risks in the small and middle markets.

“Our goal is to build a data- and technology-driven company in the United States. It’s not going to be a traditional platform that you see from our peers. It’s not going to be a brick-and-mortar company,” said Macia, who joined Hamilton Insurance Group’s U.S. platform as CEO in October 2016.

She admitted that she doesn’t like the word “disrupter,” but Hamilton is “one of the leading forces in the InsurTech space, given our mission as an organization.” The company aims to be a cutting-edge startup—to make smarter, quicker, more informed decisions, using data science and analytics.

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