Does a person’s online social networking reputation affect whether or not the individual can be trusted? Juan Cartagena is betting his company’s future on it.

Executive Summary

"When a business isn't sure it can trust someone, the social and economic dislocations are huge." With a fighting spirit and a deep commitment to the idea of leveling the playing field for individuals whose credit scores aren't accurate indicators of their trustworthiness, Juan Cartagena founded a technology startup that scores online reputations instead, using a patented predictive data analytics solution.

Cartagena is the founder and CEO of Traity, a technology startup that has patented a predictive data analytics solution to score people’s reputations based on their online behaviors or traits—hence its name. The reputation score informs the risk of doing business with that person.

“Everything you do online—in social media or on Internet sites—produces evidence of your behaviors, which become part of your reputation,” said Cartagena. “How funny or friendly you are, how responsible you appear in your social media interactions, the reviews you provide and the ratings you receive in your transactions can be analyzed to determine your level of trustworthiness.”

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