Friendsurance, a peer-to-peer insurance broker focused on making insurance easy and affordable to buy, seems right at home in Kreuzberg, perhaps one of the trendiest districts of south central Berlin. So does its co-founder and managing director, Tim Kunde.

Executive Summary

Innovation is in Friendsurance's DNA, says co-Founder and Managing Director Tim Kunde. In a recent interview, Kunde talked about the company's culture, how it's looking to expand and the need to take employees seriously.

The neighborhood is not that far from the old Checkpoint Charlie border crossing between the former Communist East and free Western portions of the city. Today, the district houses a huge immigrant population, many of whom are Turkish. Young 20- and 30-somethings from Germany and many other countries also mill about at cafes, currywurst and doner kebab stands, shops, restaurants, bars and clubs.

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