How do leaders of the thousands of insurance carriers, agencies and brokerages view the strength and future of their brands? Do they have a clear strategic direction, and is it communicated well to all stakeholders?

Executive Summary

Many carrier brands are stuck in a state that Chromium's Peter van Aartrijk calls "quo" mode—failing to define strategies that leverage every aspect of their brands and instead careening from one tactic to the next without landing on one that can deliver results or attract talent. Here van Aartrijk contrasts the traits that characterize "innovator" brands, which are successful in all the areas in which "quo" carriers struggle.

Are they moving from tactic to tactic like a child tinkering with toys? Do they truly understand the value a strong brand can provide? Are they investing wisely to attract and retain new generations of agents and customers?

Unfortunately, many carrier brands are stuck in what we call status quo, or “quo” mode. And that’s why some are falling off the radar of consumers, agents and other business partners. Ultimately, a quo brand path could fail—slowly and painfully, bleeding talent, customers and revenue along the way.

An entirely different story is what we see at “innovator brands.” Through our client research, we see three essential areas of differentiation:

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