Some P/C insurance companies have chief operating officers; some have more than one. Others have chief operations officers. All are C-suite positions. But does every carrier actually need a leader of operations?

Executive Summary

Throughout this month, Carrier Management is providing different perspectives on the role of leaders of operations in the C-suite. Here, three leaders give their views on the question of whether every P/C carrier needs a chief operation officer or a chief operations officer.

Leaders offer these views:

Michael Crowley, co-Chief Operating Officer, Markel Corp, says: In some companies, it may be that the chief executive officer has all the operational skills that are needed, and has surrounded himself or herself with a team that can do pieces of the chief‑operating‑officer role.

It depends on the talent and the expertise that you have on board, how you structure the company. I don’t think you should get caught up on the chief‑executive‑officer role or the chief‑operating‑officer role. Those are just titles.

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