Working from home has become a hot topic following Yahoo Inc. CEO Marissa Mayer’s announced plans in late February to bring telecommuters back into the office, and the issue is being taken up by some insurance firms, many of which already have some sort of telecommuting policies. A few are considering offering even more flexibility to workers.

Executive Summary

Insurance firms in California are becoming more flexible about work-at-home policies, as even as neighboring tech companies, like Yahoo, move their telecommuters back into the office.

Experts say more than high-speed internet to consider for work-at-home employees in all industries, including insurance-related ones, like workers’ compensation coverage.

At Yahoo, Mayer’s announcement in late February was followed a week later by electronic retail chain Best Buys’ revelation that its 4,000 non-store employees taking advantage of its work-from-home program will have to get manager approval to work from home.

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