In today’s fast-paced insurance industry, innovation and speed to market are critical for carriers seeking to stay competitive. Operational efficiency is key, as companies strive to balance managing operational costs, meeting customer expectations, and growing their business. For P&C insurers, Majesco’s Wizard Driven No-Code Configurator for P&C billing offers a powerful tool for achieving these goals.

New Standards for Core Configuration

Majesco’s no-code billing Wizard Driven Configurator for the P&C Core Suite, introduced in our Fall ’22 Release, streamlines sets new standards for core configuration by streamlining the implementation process with easy-to-use wizards that require no technical expertise. This reduces the time, effort, and dependence on highly skilled resources traditionally associated with the configuration process.

Majesco’s P&C Billing is widely recognized as industry-leading, offering both out-of-the-box functionality and unparalleled flexibility through configuration. The Wizard Driven Configurator builds on this success by providing a new, intuitive user experience that simplifies the configuration process. The new capability prepares and pushes configuration packages automatically, eliminating the need for any technical development tasks.

Key highlights of No-Code Billing Configuration Tool include its ability to:

  • Reduce implementation effort and duration
  • simplify the implementation process
  • remove dependencies on highly skilled resources
  • Be configured to work with your unique business needs

In recent pilot tests with two new customers, the Wizard Driven Configurator reduced blueprint effort by 46% and automated 97% of the configuration process, resulting in significant overall effort reduction. By using a no-code wizard style configuration tool, insurance carriers can accelerate their digital transformation and achieve unprecedented speed in implementing the powerful and flexible enterprise Majesco Billing.

In conclusion, Majesco’s Wizard Driven No-Code Configurator for P&C billing offers insurers a transformative tool for streamlining the configuration process and accelerating their digital transformation. Its user-friendly interface, powerful automation capabilities, and ability to customize to unique business needs make it an invaluable asset for P&C carriers seeking to stay ahead of the competition.

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By: Manish Shah, President & Chief Product Officer