InsurTech provider, Zywave, announced the launch of Cyber Quoting, the latest addition to its portfolio of quoting and proposal solutions. The centralized quoting platform brings together global cyber insurers and U.S. distributors, connecting them through a simplified, transparent data collection process that provides insights into coverage submission and selection.

Both cyber insurers and distributors will have expanded market access and a broader selection of coverage available with the new quoting platform. Connecting through Cyber Quoting can help accelerate distribution, enabling insurers and distributors to develop new cyber insurance products, adapt to market changes, and stay ahead of emerging risks.

Cyber Quoting also allows insurers to present quotes faster and distributors to provide more personalized services and options to their clients. Zywave has a core of cyber insurers and policies available on the quoting platform, including carriers Axis Capital, At-Bay, Coalition, and Cowbell, and is preparing for the imminent addition of industry leaders Tokio Marine HCC, Killara Cyber, and CFC.

With the addition of Cyber Quoting, Zywave continues to expand its offering of quoting solutions.


Cytora, a digital risk processing platform, has launched the Risk Flow Academy, a free digital learning platform designed specifically for commercial insurance professionals. This innovative initiative is the first comprehensive training resource focused on digital risk processing for the industry.

The Risk Flow Academy is designed to empower insurance professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the era of digital risk processing. The platform covers topics on digitizing submissions, leveraging generative AI, designing schemas, integrating data sources into digital workflows, and more. It was built on the back of insights and best practices gained from Cytora’s global deployments at scale and will offer in-depth training.

Cytora’s Risk Flow Academy is part of Cytora’s commitment to driving innovation and digital transformation within the commercial insurance sector. As the industry continues to evolve, the Risk Flow Academy aims to play a role in preparing insurance professionals to navigate and lead in the digital age and accelerate how they scale risk digitization across workflows, lines of business, and markets.

It will provide a range of training resources that is tailored to all levels of expertise, with resources that range from fundamental explainers on digitizing core workflows, building upon out of the box templates, through advanced techniques for identifying key value sources, understanding typical integration patterns, and accessing comprehensive documentation.

Cytora’s Risk Flow Academy training materials and videos are available online free of charge. For insurance companies that want to invest in upskilling whole teams in their organisations, there is the ability to take advantage of the expanded version of the Academy, delivered during in-person training and workshops.

Sources: Zywave, Cytora