Looming post-pandemic lawsuits, more marijuana-related legislation, age discrimination and retaliation claims are the top concerns in Employment Practices Liability (EPL) insurance, according to a recent blog post by Iowa-based VGM Insurance.

The specialty programs agency, said there are approximately 4,000 EPL lawsuits pending against employers.

The pandemic-related lawsuits concern such things as “remote work arrangements, vaccination mandates, and workplace safety concerns” which create a complex backdrop for employers.

Continued legalization of recreational marijuana means employers must navigate carefully how they make decisions related to employees’ use of marijuana.

“Businesses must adapt their policies and procedures to ensure compliance while safeguarding against potential EPL claims arising from decisions linked to marijuana use,” the VGM blog stated.

Because of an aging workforce, an increase in lawsuits related to age discrimination is likely.

VGM warns allegations of age discrimination can negatively impact a business’ reputation. The agency recommends employers implement “fair and inclusive practices to mitigate both legal and reputational risks associated with age-related employment decisions.”

The agency said there’s been a surge of workplace retaliation claims underscoring the importance of creating a safe environment for employees. Training and strict workplace policies will assist in addressing and stemming unacceptable behavior.