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Insurance Journal, Carrier Management’s sister publication, has released the first single from its new album of insurance-themed holiday carols.

The single — “O Property O Casualty” — is available wherever music is sold and/or downloaded, including Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Music. With lyrics and vocals by George Jack and music and arrangements by Austin-area musician Brent Baldwin, the song mixes holiday music and insurance-specific lyrics to comedic effect.

The holiday album — “Have A Claims Free New Year” — is due to be released Dec. 2. Insurance Journal calls the album its “holiday card to the industry.”

Patrick Wraight, director of Insurance Journal’s Academy of Insurance, which developed the project, said: “I am proud of this project. It’s the result of almost a year of planning and preparation. I hope that the insurance industry has as much fun listening to it as it was for us to produce. I am grateful to our leadership at Wells Media Group who had the vision to bring this project to fruition.”