Unboxed, a sneaker app for sneaker enthusiasts—sneakerheads—announced that is partnering with Assuredly, a managing general agency, to insure the sneaker collections of Unboxed members, protecting them from fakes, theft and damage.

According to the media announcement Unboxed Co-Founder James Washington has spent years working on the best methods to authenticate sneakers.

“There is a lot of fake stuff out there on the market,” Washington said, in the media statement. “We know how to authenticate sneakers and embedding insurance makes Unboxed even that much better. “Knowing the value and the ability to insure your soles is game-changing,” he added.

David Carpentier, CEO and co-founder of Assurely, said the sneaker collectors market needed an insurance solution to complement what Unboxed was already doing to value and authenticate its users’ shoes. “Unboxed is communicating truth….We partnered with Unboxed because of their vision for addressing the gaps in the sneaker world—evaluation, authentication, and now insurance. This market now has a solution to deliver protection and trust to complement that truth.”

The Unboxed website notes that the app allows users to take inventory of their collection by scanning barcodes, keep track of collection details (“like what you paid, how much your kicks are worth, and your personal notes like where you copped [bought] or what plans you have for them”), and keep track of which pairs were worn recently and when.

Assurely creates and distributes insurance products for changing industries and innovative companies. Created by Carpentier, a former hockey player who was also an executive and consultant for broker USI Insurance Services, and Ty Sagalow, a founder and initial chief insurance officer for Lemonade, who is also a veteran of AIG and Zurich, Assurely aims to distribute “targeted insurance products for changing industries.”

Assuredly’s first product was TigerMark, a directors and officers–like insurance program for companies raising capital through equity crowdfunding, providing protection for both the companies raising money and the investors.

Unboxed Co-Founders Washington and Michael Ogden also noted that Unboxed, a minority-owned business, worked diligently with Wilson Associates, another minority-owned business involved that provides consulting to the insurance industry and to non-profits, helping to promote growth and manage risk, worked with Unboxed in creating its authentication and insurance solution.

Wilson Associates specialize in new product and service ideation refinement and planning, and expert witness testimony.

Source: Unboxed, Assuredly, Wilson Associates