Cyber MGU At-Bay, three months after securing a $185 million venture capital financing round, is celebrating raising another $20 million.

How to classify this additional $20 million infusion from new investor ION Crossover Partners comes down to venture capital semantics. The new money is considered an extension of the company’s Series D Round (the $185 million from July), boosting the overall Series D total to $205 million.

The total cash raise, as disclosed in July, is going toward new product development and expansion into new markets.

“At-Bay’s success helping SMBs experience fewer ransomware incidents is resonating with customers and investors alike,” Rotem Iram, Co-Founder and CEO of At-Bay, said in prepared remarks. “ION has an impressive track record of shepherding startups to successful outcomes, and we are proud to have them as an investor.”

At-Bay recently announced a collaboration with Microsoft to help SMBs proactively manage cyber risk.. At-Bay has raised $292 million to date.

Source: At-Bay