Spiritual and emotional capacity are two qualities that leaders might want to nurture in themselves and their teams.

A recent posting with the Leadership Freak blog by the author Robert Glazer describes both as critical to developing connections with people and helping to articulate core values and goals.

Spiritual capacity involves determining who you are and what you want most in life, the blog asserts. Leaders and others can take a few easy steps to grow this, it states.

“If you can’t articulate your core values, take some quiet time to reflect on when you are fulfilled, and when you struggle,” the blog posting recommends. “Write those words down.”

Emotional capacity, on the other hand, involves figuring out how one reacts to challenging situations and people, and the quality of one’s relationships. This can also be nurtured, too through a simple exercise, the blog points out.

“Make a list of 5 most positive relationships, in your life, and commit to spending more time with each,” according to the blog item.

The full blog entry – “4 Ways to Build Capacity in Yourself and Others” – can be accessed at this link.