Home insurance startup Swyfft is partnering with a subscription app designed to help homeowners catch and address issues before they become costly repairs. DataCubes is joining forces with a well-known insurance academic program.


Swyfft is partnering with Sheltr, a subscription app that helps homeowners proactively care for their homes to catch and mitigate issues before they become costly repairs.

Swyfft provides homeowners insurance that uses analytical methods, artificial intelligence and unique data sources designed to more accurately assess risks for homes and property.

This partnership is designed to provide select Swyfft customers in the Bay Area and Houston markets with Comprehensive Home Care, including bi-annual home maintenance check-ups and the ability to book home maintenance services on-demand through Sheltr’s app.

Sheltr provides twice-annual home check-ups designed to help identify potential issues and mitigate them before they become costly repairs or claims. When work needs to be done, Sheltr provides scheduling with top providers, making it easy to get repairs done on time and on budget.

Swyfft currently serves customers in Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Texas.


DataCubes, a platform that helps commercial P/C insurance carriers automate intelligence gathering during the underwriting process, has formed a partnership with St. Joseph University, one of the top insurance schools in the country.

Illinois-based DataCubes and St. Joseph University’s Risk Management and Insurance program will jointly design, implement and monitor a research program designed to build on existing insights and broaden research in the field of AI and machine learning.

Specifically, the relationship will initially focus on bringing to the classroom DataCubes’ d3 Underwriting platform, which uses AI and machine learning to help commercial insurance carriers optimize and automate the underwriting decision process. DataCubes will help facilitate research projects, offering guidance and mentorship, best practices on innovation, as well as internships to St. Joseph’s Risk and Insurance Management students. The partners will also collaborate on the university’s annual InsurTech symposium.

Sources: Swyfft, DataCubes

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