Hyper-learning — the process of continuously learning and unlearning — is a way to help transform companies and other large organizations trying to adapt in the Digital Age, a University of Virginia professor and management consultant expert assert.

But to accomplish quick transformation, hyper-learning must be pursued at a rapid pace and on a wide scale, write UVA Darden School of Business Professor Edward Hess and The Helix Group Principal Kaz Gozdz in their Jan. 25, 2018 blog item. Beyond this, hyper-learning has other elements that companies should be aware of in order to use it effectively, they say.

“Hyper-learning is more than fast, continuous learning,” Hess and Gozdz write. “There are also quality components to it — it’s the type of learning that occurs when we are functioning at our highest cognitive and emotional levels — being in a state of psychological “flow” within ourselves and with others in the pursuit of common goals on a daily basis.”

Leaders who want to put hyper-learning to use should consider themselves enablers of this communal, collective effort. And to enable and unlock it, the authors said a workplace environment must be built with the principles of positivity, self-determination and psychological safety.

“The highest levels of human performance are positive, emotionally enabled experiences,” they write.

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