Hamilton Insurance Group expects to announce new chief executive officer toward the end of 2017, Carrier Management has learned.

Previous Chairman and CEO Brian Duperreault stepped down from Hamilton last May to become president and CEO of American International Group. Since then, there has been little public disclosure about the search process or who will succeed him. A spokesperson told Carrier Management that the company is close to finalizing its choice for a new leader.

“The search for a CEO of Hamilton Insurance Group is going well, with a short list of candidates identified,” a Hamilton spokesperson said. “The company expects to make an announcement about the successful candidate in the fourth quarter.”

The Hamilton spokesperson declined to elaborate about additional details.

After Dupperreault left, ex-Flagstone Re CEO David A. Brown became interim group CEO, and William C. Freda has been serving as chairman of the board.

Duperreault took over AIG on May 14. A month later, the company disclosed that Bob Deutsch, Hamilton Insurance Group’s first-ever chief strategy officer, was also leaving the company, after several corporate actions advanced Hamilton’s business plan following Duperreault’s own departure.

After Duperreault’s departure, AIG, Hamilton and Two Sigma Investments affiliate Two Sigma Investments Quantified signed a multi-part deal to, in part, have AIG acquire Hamilton USA, the U.S. platform of Hamilton Insurance Group. Deutsch helped establish this division and lead it for a year.

As well, Hamilton Re and AIG sealed a deal to form a reinsurance partnership where AIG will cede up to $150 million of premium on market terms annually to Hamilton Re, and that will be business that Hamilton Re can choose.

Hamilton, AIG and TSIQ also expanded their collaboration involving Attune, a data-enabled technology platform that launched in 2016, and serves the U.S. small to midsize commercial insurance market.

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