A new insurance endorsement from Ironshore is designed to help make academic campuses more secure. QBE North America has a new policy for motor carriers that combines two key coverage areas. Marsh’s new excess medical professional liability policy makes things easier for commercial insurers.


A division of Ironshore is marketing a new insurance endorsement targeted to the higher education sector to help make campuses more secure.

The Campus Secure endorsement from Ironshore Specialty Casualty’s Public Entity division provides excess coverage for reimbursement of event-related costs incurred during and in the aftermath of unexpected and potentially devastating events on campus, such as on-site random acts of violence. Also, it extends coverage for expenses related to natural disasters, such as hurricanes, severe weather or other disruptions that require an institution to follow safety protocols and regain normalcy as quickly as possible.

Evacuation expense reimbursement limits and school violence expense reimbursement limits are available up to $10,000 each, with an annual aggregate of up to $25,000.


QBE North America started offering a new policy for motor carriers that combines both motor truck cargo and logistics liability insurance in one policy.

The Solution for Motor Truck Cargo is designed to protect shippers from financial losses occurring on the road, which may be due to damaged equipment, contamination, stolen goods and related exposures, subject to the terms, conditions and exclusion of the policy.

The policy provides embedded coverage for mobile equipment, refrigeration breakdown, trailer interchange, contract penalties, deceptive practices and contingent coverage. Optional policy enhancements include the ability to add another insured entity, scheduled shipper coverage and specific conditions.

QBE North America is part of QBE Insurance Group Limited. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, QBE operates out of 37 countries around the globe. The North America division, headquartered in New York, conducts business through its property and casualty insurance subsidiaries.


Marsh launched a new excess medical professional liability (MPL) policy form that combines industry favorable MPL terms and conditions into a single excess policy for commercial insurers.

Developed by Marsh’s US Casualty and HealthCare Practices along with health care liability insurers, Marsh’s MedPREX form offers hospitals and health care providers broader and more favorable excess MPL coverage terms than what is generally available in the market, including a managed care errors and omissions coverage grant that is typically only available as a separate policy.

Marsh’s MedPREX policy form is currently in use by MedPro Group, a health care liability insurer, with other carriers expected to begin offering it shortly.

Sources: Ironshore, QBE, Marsh

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