Xl CatlinXL Catlin is marketing a new online portal as a way to help its clients better address cyber breaches.

Resources offered through CyberRiskIQ.Com range from service details to cyber-related news and security stories and risk management recommendations. The portal would go in tandem with the insurer’s cyber insurance coverage, which is tailored for businesses across a number of industries. The policies address data protection and privacy risk, both for third-party claims and first-party mitigation costs after a technology or cyber event.

“Industry and world leaders are calling upon company executives and governing boards to make cybersecurity a top priority. As a result, our clients need to be prepared to respond to the latest threats and more importantly, to have the resources to help them successfully navigate potentially catastrophic circumstances,” John Coletti, chief underwriting officer for XL Catlin’s Cyber & Technology Group in North America, said in prepared remarks.

CyberRiskIQ.com offers services and resources including:

  • Information on the Underwriting and Claims Cyber/Tech team.
  • A Cyber Liability library. This has articles and videos by XL Catlin, plus product and policy information.
  • An Incident Roadmap. Customers can use this to explore possible next steps after a network or data breach incident.
  • News Center. This is designed to have articles and commentary focused on trends, major breach events, security awareness strategies and, risk management guidance and helpful industry links.
  • Learning Center.Customers can access best-practices articles, white papers and webinars from XL Catlin, as well as technical and legal practitioners.
  • Risk Manager’s Toolbox.With this, customers access self-help for managing cyber risk, including a cyber-risk assessment survey, breach notification guides, what if modeling tools to estimate the cost of a breach, and research tools to monitor the type, frequency and severity of incidents occurring in their respective business sectors.
  • Vendor Partner Resources. This is a directory to help XL Catlin customers access XL Catlin-sanctioned third-party experts focused on areas including network vulnerability testing, IT risk assessments, incident response planning, security awareness training, PCI compliance, and security incident response planning. Also available: enhancement of a company’s vendor management program plus crisis response services including expert computer forensics, legal and public relations advice, regulatory response and notification/credit monitoring.

Source: XL Catlin

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