Douglas Steenland (Photo: Businesswire)
Douglas Steenland (Photo: Businesswire)

American International Group is getting a new non-executive chairman of the board.

Douglas Steenland will succeed Robert S. “Steve” Miller as non-executive chairman of AIG’s board of directors as of July 1. He is the former CEO (2004 to 2008) and president (2001 to 2004) of Northwest Airlines and served various executive positions there. He retired after it merged with Delta Air Lines.

Right now, Steenland is chairman of the AIG board’s Regulatory, Compliance and Public Policy Committee. He is also a member of its Risk and Capital Committee.

Miller has been in the chairman slot since July 2010. AIG said its corporate governance guidelines prevent someone from serving in that position for more than 5 years.

Both Steenland and Miller will be up for reelection at AIG’s annual meeting scheduled for May 13, 2015. Both joined the AIG board in June 2010.

Source: AIG