If you follow @CarrierMgmt on Twitter, you may have seen our tweet about an article we read in the Financial Times on Thursday.

Sleep-dodging CEOs — yawn – http://FT.com http://on.ft.com/1FbpBeA via @FT

The article, quotes executives in other industries, including Apple’s Tim Cook boasting about how early they rise in the morning, and how well they operate on a five or six hours sleep.

It occurred to us that executives we have interviewed in the property/casualty insurance industry are early risers too. Indeed, when one West coast exec proposed an interview time for 8 a.m. east coast time, we had to scratch our heads.

Is it a trend? Are P/C carrier CEOs notoriously early risers? What do they do during those early hours when the rest of us are shaking off the cobwebs of sleep and reaching for the coffee pot? Plan the day? Interact with the London and Singapore underwriting teams? Yoga meditation?

How long do they stay awake? Do they nap in the afternoon? Do they keep their iPhones next to their pillows when they finally retire at night?

Let us know. Join the conversation to post your habits—or the habits your boss or favorite company executive—on Twitter at #CMPOLL3.

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