What does a rear admiral do after 31 years in the Navy?

Executive Summary

This article is part of a three-part series on P/C insurance executives whose careers in the industry are "second act" careers. Here, ReSource Pro's John Spencer draws parallels between his first career in the Navy and current career as an operations director for ReSource Pro, an industry process services firm. Among them, he highlights the need for people management skills in both, as well as the ability to deal with massive technological disruption.

Part 2 of a Series

Instead of retiring, Rear Admiral John Spencer decided to pursue a second career in insurance.

His last assignment for the Navy was as commanding officer, Submarine Group 10, where he was responsible for leading more than 5,000 personnel charged with maintaining and deploying eight nuclear submarines at the height of military readiness for the U.S.

Today, he is senior director of U.S. Operation for ReSource Pro, a provider of innovative, data-driven business solutions for the property/casualty insurance industry.

“I kept an open mind about what I wanted to do next but was attracted to the insurance business because of its impact on people, businesses and the world. Like the Navy, the insurance business has a mission. The mission is the promise to pay claims and help people and businesses during difficult times.”

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