Humanizing AI sounds like a contradiction in terms, but within the realm of insurance, it’s a necessity for carriers wishing to maintain an enhanced customer experience and better retention.

Executive Summary

Jennifer Smith, vice president of life product strategy at Sapiens, writes that while it may seem contradictory, insurers can see many benefits from finding ways to humanize AI. In this article, she explores how AI can help bolster the claims process as well as customer service strategies if insurers harness it correctly. She also explains the importance of asking the right questions of customers and demonstrating empathy - one challenge she says AI still hasn't caught up with when compared to the traditional human touch in insurance.

This is especially true when it comes to sensitivities around the claims process or those initial touch points between customers and the insurance carrier.

Nothing discourages a client faster than a complicated onboarding procedure, a convoluted claims process, or a time-sapping phone call. Empathy, rather, is what customers are after – someone who understands the nature of their situation and offers the most appropriate service for their inquiry.

AI has the capacity to enhance the efficiency of tedious insurance processes and can help make insurance clients feel like their broker truly cares – the signature ingredient towards elevating customer experiences. In this way, AI can help bolster the insurance market over the next decade.

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