We’ve all lamented the times when we acted impulsively. The expression “Ready, fire, aim!” comes to mind. Unfortunately, many of us use this approach in handling our work and our days.

Executive Summary

"Planning is the act of controlling your own life, rather than your life controlling you," writes Executive Coach Marsha Egan. But planning effectively isn't a no-brainer. Here, she gives a short list of tips to help P/C executives and professionals regain control of their time instead of being stuck in a constant state of busyness, crisis response and rework.

This expression is a reversal of the common military sequence originated with the drills for musket-armed infantry in the 18th century: “Ready, aim, fire!” And the basic sequence makes perfect sense: We should get ready, muskets loaded, before we aim and aim before we fire.

The idea is to get ready by first being clear on your goal. Next, focus on your goal. Then act.

The “getting ready” step is the plan. The more you plan, the more effectively your time will be spent. Instead of being busy and even overwhelmed, planning will help you accomplish the more important things on your list.

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