As the pandemic begins to recede and businesses reopen, there’s buzz in the insurance carrier world about a tidal wave of enrollments and policy changes that could be heading their way. Certain trends have already gained momentum and turned heads in the insurance industry. For starters, customers are wondering if they have the right liability insurance in place and employees who started new jobs during recent hiring sprees will need to enroll in benefits plans. Plus, home and vehicle owners’ needs changed dramatically during the pandemic — and then changed again as they head back to work or school in-person.

Let’s face it: The natural rhythm of home, auto, annuity and employment-related insurance enrollment and change processes has been disrupted. Additionally, many carriers are offering new types of policies, while others are contending with multiple intake periods, which can further complicate enrollment processes. Also, with an emerging labor shortage in some sectors, companies may begin offering benefits to seal the deal with applicants instead of offering the usual, go-to bonuses.

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