Fitness enthusiasts have become obsessed with motivational apps and technology like the Peloton and Apple Watch phenomena. The consumerization of technology in our personal lives provides opportunities for innovative organizations to harness that same energy, motivation and momentum to produce significant results for their organizations while also meeting their employees’ growing expectation of real-time recognition.

Executive Summary

Accountability, mastery, contribution, progress, meaningfulness and autonomy are all "extras" that keep people motivated, according to Mivation CEO Jeff Brown. Drawing ideas from the popularity of Peloton and Apple Watch, Brown details how insurers and brokers can appeal to the personal sense of accomplishment of each employee by putting intrinsic motivators in place. Like Peloton and Apple, insurance organizations have data to motivate, but they need to also give real-time visibility to relevant data, presented in a clean, understandable way that encourages healthy competition and positive behavior, along with the types of reminders and rewards built into the gamification apps that are improving their personal lives.

While the concept of gamification isn’t new, the current application of this technology in the fitness realm has proven that rewarding, motivational triggers such as records, personal bests, streaks and climbing a leaderboard are as powerful as ever.

Peloton has completely disrupted the fitness market. With the onset of COVID-19 and the restrictions put in place for attending the gym or a favorite fitness studio, workout fans were left with few options. The market was right, and Peloton is riding the tailwinds of success by offering at-home solutions that people love.

But the concept of home workout equipment isn’t new. How many dusty treadmills/elliptical machines/stationary bikes are sitting in dark corners of basements around the country? Why is Peloton seeing so much success?

Peloton has unlocked the power of motivating users with sophisticated gamification that goes beyond simple engagement with its customers to creating an avid fan culture. Ask any Peloton user if they like their bike or treadmill, and you will get an almost cult-like response. “Yes! I love it! I’m working out more than ever and it’s actually fun! I’m obsessed!”

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