Everybody has career-changing events and life-changing events—and sometimes, as with the case of Britt Newhouse, events from those two worlds collide. Newhouse, the former chairman of reinsurance broker Guy Carpenter, was in the South Tower of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. He admits he was lucky to get out alive, but 295 of his colleagues died that day.

Executive Summary

After 38 years as a reinsurance broker, Britt Newhouse, former Guy Carpenter chairman, retired at the end of last year. He agreed to sit down recently with Carrier Management to discuss some of the major events of his career in reinsurance, which he says is by far the industry's most interesting sector.

Even after nearly 17 years, it’s obvious that memories of that day are still raw for Newhouse. He recalls that morning’s events as if they were yesterday. Ironically, in the midst of a tragedy brought by the worst of human behavior, he also saw humans at their best: people helping each other as they escaped the building and lower Manhattan. And later, colleagues, clients and reinsurers all pulled together to help the company rebuild.

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