The mother-in-law of a colleague of mine, a spry young woman in her early 80s, recently had open-heart surgery. As is sometimes the case even after successful surgery, full recovery can take a while and there may be minor complications. In this case, a woman who had been used to regularly communicating with the world through her computer now sometimes got confused and had trouble getting it to work properly.

Executive Summary

Customers want to be able to reach a real human being at the touch of a button when they need help, according to a recent Deloitte study that examined customer engagement in financial services. Insurers that want to compete need to leverage smartphone and tablet apps to reach customers on their level.

So my colleague did what any red-blooded American man would do: He bought her another gadget. This one was a tablet that let her watch movies, read books, surf the Internet and communicate with her grandchild across the continent.

It had one feature her computer didn’t—a feature the woman found invaluable and my colleague found a godsend: She could get help from a real human being at the touch of a button.

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