Gather insights with this customizable feedback survey template

For competitive carriers, providing an excellent agent digital experience is not just a matter of offering the newest tools and platforms: it’s also a commitment to better understanding and addressing the needs of their agency partners. It’s processes plus people, working better together.

Continual improvement powered by the type of open feedback this survey can provide is critical for success in today’s evolving insurance industry, as these dialogues build institutional trust and increase personal collaboration with positive outcomes for both carriers and agencies.


Agent Experience Survey Template

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Survey your agency partners for insight

This feedback survey is designed to help carriers gather and identify actionable insights into the digital experience they provide to their agency partners. By collecting and addressing this feedback, carriers can:

    • Discover any issues that require further attention; and,
    • Take steps to enhance their digital processes and services.

For additional information on this topic, download the white paper “Four data-proven approaches to prioritizing agent experience.”

By gathering feedback, carriers can bring internal awareness to specific areas that may be lacking and make targeted improvements. For example, if agency partners report that loss control recommendations are difficult to access or ineffective, then carriers can work on better surfacing existing resources or creating new, more impactful instructions. Or, if agency partners report delays in connecting with underwriters through the online portal, then carriers can focus on improving their real-time support services. By analyzing current underwriting workflows, carriers can eliminate bottlenecks, increase standardization, and improve consistency across underwriters.

A proactive approach is critical for carriers seeking to deliver a best-in-class agent experience that meets—or exceeds—agencies’ evolving expectations, which in turn helps them to better serve their end-insured clients. Implementing whatever necessary changes may arise from this feedback is a clear way for carriers to demonstrate how they value the viewpoints of their agency partners, which can improve collaboration and lead to better business outcomes for all.

With a comprehensive connectivity platform and tools to streamline submissions, carriers can increase their own efficiency and productivity, enabling agents to serve clients more quickly and accurately. This, in turn, can lead to higher satisfaction and retention rates for end-insured customers.

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