Many leaders and managers are terrified of 360 assessments, in which the boss, direct reports and peers provide feedback on our behavior, performance, strengths and weaknesses.

But these reviews don’t need to be feared, says leadership development expert Ian Stewart of Kaplan Professional Education in a recent blog from HR People + Strategy.

Among the benefits these assessments provide:

  • Discovering the perceptions and opinions others have formed about us (positive and negative) allows us the opportunity to work to change their minds.
  • Our abilities and shortcomings are often seen more clearly by others. A 360 review helps us address our issues so we can become more efficient in the future.
  • Position and power can give us a distorted view of our abilities. A 360 can offer a lesson in humility and perspective.
  • A 360 review offers the opportunity to reflect and think about the ways our behavior impacts others—to explore what works and what needs to change.

See the full blog from HR People + Strategy: “5 Reasons Not to Fear 360 Assessments.”