Vote Election Campaign PoliticsEsurance is offering an Election Insurance Sweepstakes that will award one winner $10,000 toward a chance to explore a new homeland following this fall’s election.

The insurer created the sweepstakes as a consolation to those interested in the faux Election Insurance it announced as part of an April Fool’s Day prank earlier this year.

The product would have offered protection of people’s abandoned homes for the next four years while they flee the United States following the presidential election. Standard options included weekly home maintenance; premium options included the holiday overachiever, offering home and yard decoration; and platinum options included a simulated teenage breakup on the lawn.

The insurer said the American public’s demand for Election Insurance was truly overwhelming, and it wanted to offer one lucky person the chance to explore a new potential homeland should the election not go their way.

The sweepstakes will run through Thursday, Oct. 13. To enter, people only need to tell Esurance where they’d go using #MakeYourEscapeSweeps on Twitter.

Source: Esurance