Every small business has been hurt to some extent by the coronavirus pandemic. As the world of work slowly returns to normalcy, small businesses need to prepare themselves with the right insurance provider so they can effectively do their jobs with as little disruption as possible. One big way small businesses can make ends meet in the short term is by securing business insurance and ensuring their policies are competitively priced so that business owners can focus on what matters most: serving their customers.

Similar to how upstarts like Lemonade, Hippo and Root have been able to revolutionize insurance for categories like renters, homeowners and auto, Huckleberry has taken the same, digital-first approach and applied it to products like general liability, workers compensation and more. The online insurance model was a crucial tool for many small business owners—even before COVID-19. However, in light of unforeseen business closures and strict stay-at-home orders, Huckleberry has continued to operate online and adopted many best practices used by digital insurers to better serve its customers and businesses in these challenging times.

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