While everyone has a story to tell, many people fail to realize just how interesting they are. They simply need to learn to tap into their life experiences—and sometimes a coach can help them pry open the tap.

Executive Summary

Everyone has a story to tell, but many people fail to realize just how interesting they are—or what a useful skill storytelling can be. Here, Andrew Thorp uses some of his own stories to illustrate the power of storytelling and also describes his own journey to become a consultant, coach and storyteller.

In steps Andrew Thorp, who describes himself as consultant, coach and storyteller, specializing in “verbal PR.” In essence, he helps his clients use storytelling to develop their soft influencing skills—enabling business people to persuade and educate in a “non-salesy” way, says a testimonial on Thorp’s website. (Thorp’s international clients include Swiss Re and a Big Four accounting firm. He is headquartered in Manchester, England).

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