When you meet someone new or chat with an old acquaintance, do you share stories about exciting innovations in the insurance industry? Do you tell people about how the industry helps people after natural disasters and drives global economies? Do you discuss the interesting career opportunities?

Executive Summary

Fewer than 5 percent of millennials are showing an interest in working in insurance, which is creating a looming and worrying talent gap for the industry as baby boomers head to retirement. Marguerite Tortorello of The Insurance Careers Movement discusses various creative ways that top global influencers are driving engagement on social media platforms.

We all have daily chances to help people see how amazing it is to work in insurance and to help inspire people to join our industry.

Globally, the insurance industry recognizes the looming talent gap as baby boomers prepare for the next chapter of their lives. Nearly 25 percent of the insurance industry’s workforce will be ready to retire this year, according to a 2010 McKinsey & Co. report, “Building a Talent Magnet: How the Property & Casualty Industry Can Solve Its People Needs.” In the U.S., the industry needs to fill 400,000 positions by 2020 to remain fully staffed, said Deloitte in a 2013 report.

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