Cyber Security

Reinsurance Execs Weigh In on Cyber Risk

Q: Reinsuring Cyber Risk. Describe the cyber risk appetite of the reinsurance industry and how it has changed in the past year. Describe your company’s appetite and how you price the risks, ...
Hand Pushing M&a Or Merger And Acquisition Button On Touch Scree

Reinsurance Execs Weigh In on Consolidation 

Q: Consolidation. In your view, is M&A activity done in the reinsurance sector or is there more to come? What has been the impact of consolidation of insurers, reinsurers and brokers on the ...
Lower prices rates costs

Reinsurance Execs Weigh In on Pricing

Q: The Pricing Environment. Recent rating agency reports contained the following observations about the reinsurance pricing environment:

S&P: “Price competition ...