Insuring the Metaverse: Immersive Tech and the Future of Coverage


A shared, immersive ecosystem that relies on 3-D tech and blockchain tools may seem like a science fiction concept, but some say this is the next iteration of the internet, and it’s materializing quickly. This is known as the metaverse, but what exactly is it? And what role could insurance play?

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Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How the metaverse could work and what insurers have learned so far
  • What benefits and opportunities the metaverse holds
  • What risks or challenges could be on the horizon
  • Where technology is headed in the future
  • How insurers can keep up with technology’s fast pace

Meet the Expert Panel:

Photo of Elizabeth Blosfield Photo of Dennis Winkler
Host: Elizabeth Blosfield
Deputy Editor at
Carrier Management
Dennis Winkler
Director, Insurance
Practice at ISG
Photo of Craig Weber Photo of Garrett Droege
Craig Weber
Head of Strategy,
Insurance Practice
at Cognizant
Garrett Droege
SVP and Director of
Innovation and Strategy
at IMA Financial Group