Lead Generation & Content Marketing 2018

Research & Trends

You've invested so much time and resources in creating content: case studies, research, briefs, whitepapers, videos, audio interviews, and more. Why not place this content where more potential customers can experience it?

The Research and Trends Center is your solution. Promotion is powered by the largest P/C media network in the world, and contains contributions by the most recognized P/C insurance thought leaders in the industry. Since its inception in the fall of 2014, as of August 2017, over 33k content items have been downloaded from the site.

Research & Trends packages include the following:

  • Design and hosting of landing page
  • Auto-triggered follow-up email to reader with a link to your provided content
  • Instant lead delivery
  • Minimum lead guarantee
  • Customized email and web promotion

For pricing and more info, contact (800) 897-9965 x125

Carrier Management Research and Trends Package

Brand Spotlight

Looking for thought leadership opportunities? Carrier Management's Brand Spotlight package offers a turnkey solution for hosting and promoting your content online. Now you can showcase your products, services, and successes on a unique platform that differentiates you from the competition.

Brand Spotlight packages include the following:

  • Your own URL at CarrierManagement.com
  • A branded landing page with your logo, featuring links and descriptions to your own articles, white-papers, blog posts, or videos.
  • Promotion in the Carrier Management Daily eNewsletter (5 times per month for 12 months)
  • Promotion on CarrierManagement.com, including links to your latest posts.

For pricing and more info, contact (800) 897-9965 x125

Successful content marketing requires great
content, an excellent platform, and consistency.
A six-month commitment is required on your
Brand Spotlight program, although an annual plan
is recommended. A $1,500 set-up fee applies to
a Brand Spotlight of less than 12 months.
Carrier Management Brand Spotlight