Editorial Calendar 2024

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Dates & Deadlines Issue Highlights Bonus Opportunities
Quarter 1 Issue
Mail Date: Mar 4
Ad Deadline: Feb 9
  • Talent: People, planning and performance in the 21st century.
  • Corporate Profiles, Spring Edition
  • Between the Lines Video Series Q1 Episode Sponsorship
Quarter 2 Issue
Mail Date: June 3
Ad Deadline: May 10
  • Operations and Finance: Organizing, managing and investing for success.
  • Between the Lines Video Series Q2 Episode Sponsorship
Quarter 3 Issue
Mail Date: Aug 26
Ad Deadline: Aug 2
  • Underwriting: Insights into risk assessment, pricing, models, etc.
  • Bonus Distribution to InsureTech Connect
  • Between the Lines Video Series Q3 Episode Sponsorship
Quarter 4 Issue
Mail Date: Nov 25
Ad Deadline: Nov 1
  • Claims: Keeping promises and customers the right way.
  • Corporate Profiles, Fall Edition
  • Between the Lines Video Series Q4 Episode Sponsorship
Recurring Editorial Topics (Covered in Every Issue)
  • Technology and Analytics: Insights from and for the C-suite on key technologies including use of artificial intelligence, data and analytics.
  • Leadership and Management: Strategies, stories, lessons and advice for and from the C-suite on leading and managing people and operations.
  • Executive Viewpoints and Profiles: What C-suite leaders are thinking and doing. From leaders of insurers, InsurTechs, third parties, think tanks, government and more.
  • Risks, Opportunities and Innovation: The latest risks, trends, solutions and ideas.