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Carrier Management Audience Company Stats

The #1 planned purchases in the next 12 months are data & analytics tools.

Top Planned Purchases

  • Data & Analytics Tools: 37%
  • Reinsurance: 28%
  • Risk Management Tools: 28%
  • Education: 26%
  • Automated Intelligence Tools: 22%
  • Consulting Services: 22%
  • Online Marketing: 20%
  • Claims Admin/Processing: 17%
  • Cloud Storage Solutions: 15%
  • Compliance Tools & Services: 15%
  • Laptop or Desktop Computer: 15%
  • eSignature Services: 14%

How many are involved in the purchase process from beginning to end?

  • 45% of the time, 3-6 people are involved.
  • 18% of the time, 7+ people are involved.
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How long does it take a carrier to review and complete a purchase?

  • 36% of purchases take 4-11 months to review and complete.
  • 14% of purchases take 12+ months to review and complete.
Publisher Data, July 2023

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