Insurance Journal August 7 2017 Issue Featuring Top 100 Agencies Ranking


Inside this Issue

Top 100 Agencies and Partnerships

This issue marks the 13th annual publication of Insurance Journal’s Top 100 Agencies special report. The Top 100 Agencies, ranked by 2016 total property/casualty revenue, represent the nation’s leader in the independent agency world. Also included in this special report are the nation’s Top 20 Agency Partnerships.

Risks of Adventure Recreation

Ziplining and rock climbing are quickly replacing traditional sight-seeing and beachcombing when it comes to vacation spots, some experts say. Travelers and individuals want more adventure in their often safe and secure lives. This report touches on how risk experts are handling this new trend in the recreation and leisure world.

Tony Markel on the 5 P’s

Anthony (Tony) Markel is a legend in the property/casualty world. Markel was the driving-force behind turning the Markel Corp., a company once focused on long-haul trucking with a net worth of about $6 million, into a global insurance organization with total revenue of more than $14 billion today.

The Competitive Advantage

Selling insurance is different than buying insurance and nothing reveals that stark difference more than sitting on the other side of the desk, Chris Burand writes in this month’s column. Agents, brokers and carriers need to see through the eyes of the consumer, especially when it comes to insurance application questions.

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